Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moore’s and Metcalf’s law

Think of some situations where Moore's law has applied (or not applied) to your own use of technology.
I deal with Moore’s law all the time! I confess to being a bit of a gadget freak. Actually I’m typing this on my brand new MacBook Pro! To buy this MacBook I had to save and save - anyone with a family to support can relate! Anyway, part of my problem was the fact that in a few months Apple will release a new model. Should I have waited? Well I could have waited but I am sure that in a few months again there would have been other updates etc. A never ending cycle? Price? Well my colleagues at school all brought their Macs a year ago. The price was the same as what I just paid but the machines were not as fast or had as much HDD.
What impact does Moore's law have on adoption of ICTs.
There is a HUGE debate going on at my school.
To go Mac or not to go Mac? It’s the question of the year. Indonesia has been romanced by Apple. You can get them everywhere! My school administrators are concerned that Macs are double what a PC costs. I can understand how that affects their decision even more together with the problem of just how fast technology outdates itself. The teacher’s argument is that we want to have both platforms in the school to give an even greater advantage to our students. We are a very expensive school but as always we must keep to a strict budget.
I’m wondering how often do other institutions upgrade their hardware? At my school computers used until the machines don’t work anymore. I think that the term is ‘run into the ground’, only after that are news ones purchased. I totally understand that but it can be very frustrating to have to work on a PC that has only 2GB HDD and it’s not even Pentium 2! This is what I have in my classroom!