Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wireless Technology

Does a wireless laptop simply allow you to do what you would have done with a wired computer but to do it anywhere? Or does it allow you to do different things?
Having just purchased a wireless laptop I must admit that it makes my studying much more accessible. I am writing this post in the salon whilst having a creambath. It’s an intensive conditioning treatment. I am trying to become more digital native and not printing off all the readings but saving them in m laptop and reading them off the screen. This MacBook allows me to enlarge the print which really helps.
What wireless access points exist in your local environment? How can you find them? Well there’s no wireless in this salon but if I wanted to I could purchase a mobile phone that can connect to this computer to give me Internet access anywhere. Starbucks and JCo have WiFi. Most malls here have WiFi.
How has the always connected world of the mobile phone impacted on your life and your learning? The traffic is really bad in Jakarta and the mobile phone allows us much more freedom. Being able to be connected in traffic jams that can last for hours and hours is a definite plus.