Friday, December 21, 2007

NetGeneration or Digital Native

Do you believe distinctions such as those made in these readings are useful?
I could relate to many of the examples. I see myself as a Digital Immigrant trying to assimilate into a Digital Native world. I’m trying hard. I’ve bought a new laptop and I’m trying to keep all my readings for this course digital. Before this I always printed everything out. It’s hard but I feel that I need to make the transition.

What do you see as the major differences between the people at different ends of this continuum? Well the biggest difference is the Digital Native or Net Generation’s ability to multitask. I’m quite good at that but the one thing that I cannot do is study and listen to music. If there is music playing I will simply tune it out. I cannot concentrate if the TV is on. When I read I just read. I can’t listen and read to two different things. I’ve never been able to do that.

Where do you place yourself on the “digital native” or “digital immigrant” continuum? I have a lot in common with the Digital Natives. I’m very right brain visual and I must play with stuff not sit and read the manual first. It used to drive my father crazy because he would always read the manual from cover to cover before he even unpacked the new digital gadget! By the way he was the one who always tuned in the TV etc. Even the TVs of every motel or holiday house that we stayed at!

What impact has this had on your own ability to communicate with either your fellow learners or your students? I am so excited to be doing this course. I now spend less time on introductions in my lessons and more time getting into the actual inquiry. My students take a little while to get used to this but thrive when given the freedom to explore first before getting instructions. This way my instruction which happens after the initial exploration supports the learning.