Thursday, December 20, 2007

Metcalf’s Law

Think of some situations where Metcalf's law has applied (or not applied) to your own use of technology?
Have the number of people you deal with who have access to email or instant messenging (or another ICT tool) changed?
Yes, I have to use email to communicate with colleagues because there is simply not enough time to meet face to face in the day. Email simplifies a lot of stuff. It’s a really easy way to contact everyone. My colleagues at school mostly use Yahoo messenger all through the day. I don’t really use it. I find it annoying as I’m often busy teaching.
Has this changed the way you are able to use these services?
Yes I find that I don’t use the phone as much! It’s much better to email as you don’t have to disrupt the other person and there is a written copy which helps me to keep track of stuff. IN my teaching I pretty much teach all day long with little time for preparation or other stuff. Using email, chat and most recently Facebook allows me to catch up with others on a more regular basis.