Thursday, February 14, 2008

Googlepages Coming into Focus

Today I had a double lesson 90 minutes in the labcom with Grade 5. I got to the bottom of the missing sites for four of my students and managed to teach the kids about keeping a consistent theme and always putting the navigation in the same place on each page. I haven't had the staff support from school that I hoped for but at least the kids sites are mostly working and I can see it all finishing somewhat on time. Actually the computer teacher has made it know that she wants "Nothing what-so-ever to do with my Googlepages". 

Today I was even able to teach my students how to manipulate the Html coding on their sites and embed a video in the pages. It's much better now that I have uploaded all the photos to Dropshots and passworded the page so that the kids can pick and choose the pictures that they want to insert. I have had a few comments from others about how kids misbehave during computer time but I can't imagine that as my students are glued to their monitors. They even cry out at the end of the session as they want more time. I wish that I had a classroom with computers. Next year I'm going to try for a laptop program. All I need is secure lockers for the kids to store their laptops when they have break time or sport lessons. 

Today I also got my Grade 3 students to write a reflection of their first experience reading an ebook. We have been studying The Famous Five via ebook and audiobook. Their comments are very interesting and I will post some on the ebook wiki in kG. One kid said, "My eyes get tired reading from the screen and I like to read books in bed before sleeping. I can't really take my PC in my bed! I need something smaller to read it on." They all liked the audiobook as they could put it on their ipods. Unfortunately the words are different as I couldn't get the unabridged version of Five on a Treasure Island. My Grade 5s are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the unabridged audiobook. I must get them to write reflections so that I can compare.