Thursday, January 3, 2008

Studying Online

Think of two experiences of studying online:
the first in which there was little interaction between yourself and the teacher and/or between yourself and other students
the second in which there were good quality and quantity of interactions between the teachers and yourself and between yourself and other students
Well I have to admit that this course for me has been of little interaction. I am trying to get more people participate with me in kG but it hasn’t really worked so far. I am also surprised at how little interaction there is in this Moodle platform. It seems that only a few are keeping up with the readings.
I really enjoyed the course EDU5471 Computer Based Resources in Ed, because there was a lot of interaction. I’d say that’s because it was part of the assessment. That certainly motivated me but it was nice to have so many participate. I felt that there was a real exchange going on. I have trouble using the WIMBA because my Internet connection is so weak. I much prefer to leave a comment on the forums for this reason. I am about to change my Internet provider as a new competitor has just become available.
I’m also not very good at talking on the phone. I barely use the phone to be honest. I much prefer text. I think this is because it allows me to think things over more carefully. That’s why I like blogs and wikis too that can be changed. I don’t do so well when put on the spot. I always think things over. It’s my way.
When I’m asked to contribute I find myself changing my mind later on. At school I always respond better after a few days to think things through.