Sunday, January 13, 2008


What mobile learning technologies have you used in your own learning or teaching? What would you like to use?
In my own learning in this course I have used my laptop. I was able to access the Moodle platform using WiFi in JCo Donuts from a Jakarta shopping mall. However, the connection was very slow so I only wrote one post. (It was free!) I often use my PDA phone to access the Internet when I’m in the car. I am able to read my email and look at my class blogs. My students tell me that they often log into their blogs whilst they are on holidays even when overseas. They love that even their overseas relatives can see their blogs and leave a comment.
I have just started experimenting with podcasting. I hadn’t really thought to do this before. It is very easy and really teaches my students about speaking clearly. We have made a Podcast called GiggleCast and I intend to extend this into regular Podcasts about current learning. I have just bought a microphone for my iPod which allows me to be a mobile Podcaster. I will take this on the next school field trip so that I can record my students questions on location. I was inspired by The KidCast Blog. I think that this is an excellent way for my students to develop their speaking skills that allows their parents to listen in as well.
What have these allowed you to do that were difficult before?
Well it has made my life much easier. I am able to catch up on study where ever I am. I know that the parents of my students love that they are able to see their child’s work whenever they want. I am still the only one in my school that is blogging in this way. Some other teachers have a personal blog but are not encouraging their students to do it.