Friday, January 11, 2008


This week I got into Podcasting. I tried making 2 poscasts with my Grade 3 class. I tried several hosting sites but many were slow for uploading.
I tried these ones:
The best one was
The reason why I like this one is becasue the upload was fairly quick, it has options for non-garageband users and it is easy to copy and paste the HTML for the player. The player has colour size choices. I also like that it is easy to subscribe to your own podcasts as there is a link button under the player. I was able to copy the player to my blog and also into Googlepages.


Nicole Long said...

Hi Jane,

Your blog is just a work of art. I love the kids jokes by the way. I'm getting all kinds of technology hints from you and in a useful and understandable format. I'm going to try the podcast site later today.

I would love to understand how you put so many things on your page but I've never used a blog before and I have to admit that I haven't had the time to really explore. Do you have any helpful hints on how I can get started with it?

Jane Ross said...

Hi Nicole,
If you click on some of the blog tools you will be redirected to the home site for that widget. You register and then copy and paste the HTML. That HTML needs to be pasted into your blog either in the sidebar as a HTML/Javascript page element or in a post by click the HTML tab at the top of the post comment box. Try using the Neoworx tools - they are cool and track site visitors. Here's the site