Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moving to this Blog

Today I moved all my Moodle posts to this blog and dated them accordingly. I feel better now that they are all together in the one place. I am rather freaked out about Assignment One. I can't seem to get to a point where I am happy with my kG page. It looks bad to me and I feel that I haven't really put as much as I should have. But then again will this kG page ever get finished? I was reading on Kate's blog that she feels that her kG page will never be finished. So I'll "let it go". Ok now I have to write up the process and then add in the resources on my kG page and that will have to do.


Nicole Long said...

Hi Jane,

I don't think you (and I) are alone in feeling that our KG wikis are unfinished. This whole assignment is quite odd. I've never tried something so contrived and awkward. I suppose that if we're stuggling, so is everyone else. Good luck!

Jane Ross said...

Yeah, I've noticed a lot of requests for extensions. Thanks for your comment.